A thankful Thanksgiving.

November 28, 2005

I have put off painting for too many years because it seemed such a monumental task having to bring in scaffolding–especially because I abhor the chaos that moving and covering furnishings creates. Kenwood (my former husband–Alexandra’s Dad) knows this and offered to take charge of the painting project so that it was all done in under three days!! I could write a testimonial!

I used one of our new colors, “Azure” in the guest bedroom, but all of the other colors were repeats of what were on the walls previously. Buttercream with Ashen Green trim in the main rooms. Magnolia in my bedroom. Although I did try to come up with new colors, the original ones felt too good to change. Alexandra’s room was the only one we didn’t repaint, as I’m waiting for her to quit putting posters and magazine pages on her walls. Actually, “Alexandra Blue” became one of our first Ethereal Mists colors just 4 years ago.

We finally painted up our 12 new colors which are now available. Once again, I tried to name each color something that would evoke the vision of each color: Azure, Wedgewood, Slate, Clay, Olive, Rust, Chestnut, Beige, Greige, Cafe au Lait, Sunshine & Buttercup.

For Christmas gifts, we package the new colors with our complete set in red leather envelopes ($39). As always, once you purchase a set of our samples, I’m available personally for a color consultation, so we’ve included a note about this in our new gift set of samples. We also have gift certificate to go with them for gallons of paint!

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