Live with what you LOVE!

November 5, 2005

If you’ve read my newsletters, you know how much I love to clear clutter! I do this several times a year, but always a few weeks before the holiday season so that we can pass on things we no longer use to those in need. I started early this year because I’m in the process of re-painting the inside of our home. Jo-Jo started last Monday and we’re starting from the top which is a loft space where my office used to be. Now that I have an office at Shadetree Inn, I cleared out boxes of old furnishings catalogs, fabric samples, and bags of papers. I ended up moving very little to the new office. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful clearing clutter makes me feel. It’s the first step in Feng Shui as it gets the chi (or energy) flowing in your space.

Yesterday, I picked up the latest issue of Renovation Style to find the entire magazine about this very same thing. The Fall 2005 issue has some great tips on getting organized and decluttering. I especially loved Amy Elbert’s “10 Ways to Declutter” because she lists resources to help cut back on incoming mail (www.dmaconsumers.org) and what papers to keep for the IRS. The website http://www.pueblo-gsa.gov has an article “Managing Your Household Records” in the Consumer Focus Archive. Chad Graham’s article “Got Stuff?” actually delves into the reasons we tend to accumulate too much “stuff”. I didn’t even realize that they now have organizations called “Clutters Anonymous”! If you don’t have the magazine, I highly recommend getting one as it will certainly inspire you to only live with what you love, as you continually ask yourself “does this serve me”? I keep remembering Deepak Chopra’s book, The Way of the Wizard, where Merlin talks about people who live in messy houses having messy minds. I feel brighter already!

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