Still hanging in!

September 26, 2005

Well, what a storm! Although my hometown of Lake Charles took the BIG hit, we sure had some wind and rain here in St. Francisville. For hours, and HOURS! Quite scary when you’re sitting in a glass house looking at 100+ foot trees swaying and snaping in the wind.

Luckily, we never lost power here at Shadetree Inn (http://www.shadetreeinn.com), which is where my 6 houseguests and I have been staying since it went out on Saturday. The storm started during the night on Friday and power went out around 3:00 am Saturday morning. My very gracious former husband, Kenwood, came over around 7:30 Saturday morning with his Coleman camp stove to make everyone some coffee. Only thing was, he forgot to tighten the valve to the propane tank and we had a small fire on the kitchen island! As if things weren’t already stressful enough. Everyone who was in the vicinity immediately grabbed their bottled water and doused the flames, so the only thing that burned were my cocktail napkins that said “make it a double”.

My answering service actually got through on my cell phone during the storm, telling me they had someone on the line who wanted to place a paint order. For the first time, I had to tell them that we were right smack dab in the middle of the storm and since the paint stores were all closed anyway (they close at noon on Saturdays), to thank them profusely for their order and tell them I’ll call back Monday morning when the stores re-open.

Yesterday my brother drove back to Lake Charles to check things out and reported that both his and my mom’s homes suffered very minor damage. Just a couple trees down, one crushing a fence, and a few shingles had flown off of my mother’s house, but no water damage. The bad news, however, is that he was told they probably won’t get power for at least TWO WEEKS!

So. . . hopefully, the local Demco power fellas that I tracked down, were correct in telling me that I’ll get power back at my house sometime today. You can’t get through to them on the telephone, which actually goes to Atlanta, so I just made it a point to be there when they opened today to get the real scoop and to let them know that a tree fell on my transformer and although the neighborhood may get power back; I might not because of the crushed transformer. They assured me that transformers are pretty strong and my chances are good that it won’t affect my power.

This is definitely one of those trying times where I’m having to use all the techniques I’ve studied over the past years to keep calm and “centered”! Which brings to mind, that not everyone knows some of these very handy techniques.

One of the best “spiritual aspirins” I learned personally from Meridith Young Sowers, author of Agartha, Wisdom Bowls and the Angelic Messenger Cards, I’ve written about in past newsletters, is this: Sit quietly and take both palms of your hands, placing them horizontally, one above the other, over your heart chakra. Focus on your breathing, taking in slow, deep breaths as you also focus on your heart chakra, which contains our “divine spark” and/or connection to the Creator. If you’ll just continue breathing slowly and deeply while focusing on your heart center, I guarantee that you’ll feel more calm and centered. Also, if you have pain or a wound of some sort (after you are calm and centered), you can then take one of your hands and place it on the pain or wound, and imagine healing energy extending from your heart center through your arm to your hand. I do this at the dentist, doctor’s office, etc., and while they may look at me like I’m crazy, it sure works!

Well, it’s time for me to get to work this Monday morning, and look forward to smooth sailing from here on out! 🙂

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