Moving along

September 20, 2005

In my first Living Well Newsletter, written back in the Summer of 2001, I talked about how time doesn’t just seem to be moving faster, that the Schumann Resonance, which for thousands of years has been the pulse or heartbeat of the Earth, has been 7.83 cycles per second. But that now, it is over 12 cycles per second. So what used to be a 24 hour day, is now the equivalent of less than 16 hours. Here we are, four years later, and time STILL keeps moving faster. I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last wrote in this blog.

Katrina aftermath is, of course, still wreaking havoc down here in Louisiana. However, how can I complain since we still have our homes? Well, I’m not complaining, but want to let everyone know that because of the influx of evacuees, our travel and communication systems are still very stressed. One of the best ways to contact me directly is via email. I’m afraid to unforward our phones which are forwarded to our answering service, because since they are out-of-state, I think most all calls to our tollfree number are going through. I chose Signius, which is a national communications service, because they have won awards for their outstanding service. They are doing a great job and will “patch in” calls for paint orders to my cell phone. I often give out my cell phone number, but am repeatedly told by customers that they can’t seem to get through. So, if you’re having trouble getting through to us during business hours (Monday through noon on Friday), please be sure to email us at FSPaints@aol.com which seems to be working well. This is the email address Signius uses to relay our messages.

The local news and talk around town is filled with reports about how bad traffic is in the Baton Rouge area, which now has double the residents, so I haven’t even been to Baton Rouge since Katrina. However, I did hear from Alan Marks, owner of Marks Paper Company (http://www.markspaper.com), who responded to my email that they have a local call center at 5424 Florida Blvd. in Baton Rouge. Phone number: 225-612-5254. So glad to hear that they are managing to continue doing business despite having to temporarily move their offices and warehouse from New Orleans.

St. Francisville had a town meeting last week where various organization heads reported on local Katrina relief efforts. The people of this town are amazing. We have four official shelters operating in West Feliciana Parish with volunteers providing breakfast and lunch at the Middle School Cafeteria and dinner every evening in a big tent on the grounds of the First Baptist Church. There’s also a Clothes Closet at the Methodist Church fellowship hall where volunteers are taking in, washing and sorting clothing for evacuees. FEMA applications are being taken by volunteers. Local doctors and nurses offer their services daily giving health evaluations & writing prescriptions. Community pastors and social workers are visiting shelters & counseling evacuees on a regular basis. All of this is being funded and provided by local residents. Parish officials have persistently attempted to contact both FEMA and the Red Cross through every means available–phone, fax, email–and have not been able to get a response. So, we have our own “WFCDF Katrina Relief Fund” at the Bank of St. Francisville (P.O. Box 818, St. Francisville, LA, 70775) which has gone dry and been replenished by more donations several times and will continue to need funding for quite some time.

The local library’s computers are filled with people all day long. However, we have wireless internet at our office here at Shadetree B&B (http://www.shadetreeinn.com), as well as extra computers that can be used by evacuees.

Yesterday, one of my paint customers expressed feeling guilty that she had the luxury of re-painting her bedroom. However, I had to tell her how thankful I am that so many folks in other parts of the country still have homes to paint!

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