Empty Nest!

September 12, 2005

My nest is emptying here in St. Francisville. Last Thursday, Mike and Gwen Williams came and picked up Gwen’s mother, Gloria Abadie; and the Winsbergs moved into their new home over the weekend. Friday morning, they passed the act of sale, and by the time their grandchildren arrived Saturday evening, all 6 beds were purchased, delivered and put together (I should say “constructed”) by Isabel, Jerry, Kenwood and I. The children start school here this morning and considering what they’ve been through, they seemed well-adjusted and happy. The only one I really worry about is Luci, who surely must be having “culture shock” as she is 15 and sharing a room with her two small brothers.

I’ve had quite a few houseguests and even though the Winsbergs stayed far longer than any others, they were THE BEST HOUSEGUESTS I’ve ever had.

Reports on New Orleans are looking up, too. I received a forwarded email from Michael Dent, a Methodist minister who gave a first hand report on New Orleans. I was elated to hear that uptown New Orleans, the Garden District, the Warehouse District and most of the French Quarter suffered very little damage. Not one live oak on St. Charles Avenue is down. He said looting was really minimal. A few shops on Magazine street near the nursing home, but that’s all he saw. I had heard that the animals at the Audubon Zoo didn’t make it, but he says he spoke with Ron Forman and most of the animals did survive.

I also heard from several friends I have been worried about and they are fine: Photographer Michael Sustendal, who says he’s coming here to St. Francisville in a few days. Photographers Bevil Knapp and Ellis Lucia have been documenting hurricane damage for several sources, including The Times-Picayune, and are staying at Bevil’s father’s house in Baton Rouge. Tracy and Danny Aguillard are staying at a friend’s camp here at Lake Rosemound. I’ve received emails from people who tell me that when they “Google” missing friends, my blog comes up, so I’m happy to hear it is helping somewhat. Every day I think of new people that I haven’t heard from: Cynthia Reeves who owned The House on Bayou Road B&B and Restaurant Indigo. Her best friend Beverly Anderson Walker is very concerned. She’s hoping she’s with friends Ann & Ron Pinkus. However, David’s nephew John David Walker was rescued. Dorian Bennett’s family is okay. David Oestreicher and his wife, Tiffany, are in New York.

Alan Marks, who owns Marks Paper Company, is an old friend and supplies the paper for our paint samples. I’m hoping those folks are okay and not out of business. I’m going to hold off ordering anymore paper until I find out. Hopefully, they have moved their operation somewhere else?

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think up a “color of the month” and can’t seem to come up with any specific color. So, how about I offer a 15% discount on all green colors, since green is the epitome of “healing” and we could all use some healing about now. Since I’m so late in doing this, I will extend the sale on all shades of green from today’s date through the end of October.

One of our favorite paint customers, Denise from Ohio, emailed me to let me know (and pass on) a website for “displaced designers”: http://www.displaceddesigner.com

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