MIssing persons

September 6, 2005

Hally Loo! We are having our first cool spell today. Had lunch on the screened porch at the Magnolia Cafe’ it was so cool. Isabel and Jerry were thrilled to have their son Marc come in last night for a visit and check out the local schools. Marc’s three children had been enrolled in the Newman School in New Orleans which is a great school, but outrageously expensive by our standards. Marc was very excited to see how great St. Francisville’s public schools are. It’s why many people move here. So. . . hopefully, he can talk his wife, Lori into moving in with Jerry and Isabel so their children can go to school here and he can try to get his law practice going in Baton Rouge. I must say, I’m so proud to be from St. Francisville where the people are incredibly gracious, kind and compassionate.

We still can’t seem to find out about many of our friends, so I’d like to take this opportunity to list some names of people we sure would like to hear about. If you know where any of these people are, please email me at ellen@ellenkennon.com:

Pam Perret, Interior Designer from Gretna
Cheryl & Jim Dendy, Attorneys from Uptown New Orleans
Michael Sustendahl, photographer
Steven Bingler, Architect
Wayne Troyer, Architect
John David Walker, Chalmette
John Russo, Paradis
Audrey Harter, Kiln, MS
Fritz Stoller, Attorney
Jamie & Patrick from the ICI Store on Earhart Blvd.
Mario Villa, Artist & Architect
Betty Guillaud and her daughters
Bonnie Warren, New Orleans Home & Garden Magazine
Christine Carlomagno
Robert Sonier, Decorator
John Abajian, N.O. Auction House
Cynthia Reeves, House on Bayou Road B&B, Restaurant Indigo
Leslie Clark
Joe Clark
Eileen Gambel & family, Uptown New Orleans
Peter Patout

Also, if you’d like to add anyone to this list, please let me know. I wake up in the middle of the night and remember yet another person I haven’t heard from or about. It’s frightening how many people just simply didn’t realize how serious this is.


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