Finding friends

September 2, 2005

Again, I am so touched and thankful for all the emails and phone calls expressing concern and sympathy. I am especially thankful that 99% of my paint customers are from out of state and that the paint orders keep coming! I’ve been cutting my work days a little short, however, so that I can help my house guests adjust to living in St. Francisville. We were so happy to hear from Isabel’s brother & sister-in-law, Mitchell & Ronda Herzog, who made it to Georgia. They had recently moved to the Slidell, LA area after living on Orcas Island in Washington State. The home they just finished renovating was destroyed. Stuck in Georgia, because there is no gasoline, they are trying to decide between returning to the Seattle area or moving here. Mitchell has law licenses in both states. Gwen Williams also telephoned yesterday saying she made it to a friend’s house in Baton Rouge with her 84 year old mother after being transported out via boat. Gwen is an amazingly strong woman, so it was shocking to hear how shaken she was. Her husband Mike would not leave and she’s so worried about her mother and is desperately trying to get her settled. It seems that is one of the many major problems down here. Many people have their elderly parents with them and this plays a big part in their relocation decisions. Also, we were disconnected three times while we were talking, as cell phone communication is the pits right now. I keep trying to call her back, but can’t get through.

I lived in New Orleans back in the early eighties before moving to Manhattan, so there are so many friends and business associates who I’m terribly concerned about. It’s shocking to see how slow this recovery effort is taking and what shape this administration has put us in with their rape, pillage and plunder of Mother Earth. I’ve held back my feelings far too long. But now is the time for everyone to speak out. I’m so glad the news is covering this aspect of it.

Iris Williams telephoned me yesterday to remind me that while things will probably get even worse, to keep shining my light and be that lighthouse in the storm. My sun logo that I use for business was created after I read a quote by St. Francis of Assisi (St. Francisville is named for him): “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

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