Opinions from The Judge

September 2, 2005

Just talking with Judge Winsberg and showing him my latest blog entry, he pointed out that it’s ironic that the two highest public officials in our country, President Bush and Vice President Cheney, are both oil men and in the past, intimately connected with the oil industry and that they cannot better control the looming oil crisis. He thinks the entire country would now like to know what went on at Mr. Cheney’s secret meeting with the oil companies early on in this administration. It begs the question whether our president has the best interests of the country and the individual citizen in his policy decisions. This is what happens when the government and the major oil suppliers are in bed together. The public suffers while the “haves and have mores” have more. Sometimes it takes a tragedy such as Katrina to awaken the people from their slumber.

By the way, if you don’t know who Judge Winsberg is (besides that he and his wife are my current houseguests). He’s a retired chief judge of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court. Jerry was and probably is the youngest judge ever elected in the State of Louisiana. He was 31 when he took the bench in 1972. Jerry was also voted “the most popular Judge in New Orleans” on more than one occasion. (You can see a photo of his old courtroom under commercial design projects on my website. They were some of my very first interior design clients back in 1982.)

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