The Emperor’s New Clothes

August 24, 2005

I can’t tell you how many times I tell people that I feel like I’m selling the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. It’s been over a year now that people have been discussing our paints on the Home Decorating Forum on the GardenWeb. It all started with a thread entitled “Full Spectrum Paints” where someone wrote in asking what people knew about full spectrum paints. Someone else replied and included a link to my website, so the original poster called me up, ordered samples, and I helped her put together a palette for her newly constructed Colorado home. She very generously began posting back on the thread about her experience. This brought on more new customers who also began posts about their experiences with our paints as well as our customer service. People were saying such wonderful things that I really did feel like I was selling the “Emperor’s New Clothes”! After all, the difference between regular paint that consists of only 2-3 pigments and a full spectrum paint consisting of many pigments really is quite subtle. But some people raved so much I’ve had others ask me if I put things like mica powder (often used in eye makeup) in my paints. Well, I’m here to tell you that while I have been playing with mica powder and quartz crystal powder in paint recipes; so far, our paints don’t contain anything other than paint and pigments. But I will share with you something I haven’t told many people: I pray and visualize that everyone who comes into contact with my paints are joyful and balanced and that the people who come to me are of “high vibration” or “like vibration” or want to “raise their vibration”. Now I know this all sounds like a lot of new age “woo-woo” stuff, but there you have it. I’ve never advertised in the 4+ years since I started this company. All of the people I’ve done business with have been very pleasant and many have become friends. I get emails and phone calls daily from customers who not only enjoy the colors, but from some who report on how their newly painted spaces make them “feel”. However, I personally am not claiming that there are any special “healing” benefits derived from my paints. I will tell you, though, that I do know color can be healing and different colors evoke different emotions. Also, Deborah Burnett (http://www.deborahburnett.com), an interior designer and popular public speaker who shows samples of our paints alongside similar Sherwin Williams colors at some of her seminars, told me that she believes that full spectrum paints are healing and she actually began telling me the scientific reasons. It was way over my head so I’m afraid I can’t remember well enough to quote her, but I am going to follow up with her so that I can report back soon!

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