Color of the Month, News from our Color Consultants!

August 1, 2005

A while back, Jamie who runs our warehouse-shipping department, suggested that we have a “Color of the Month” where we would have a sale on a particular color. Well, I’m taking her suggestion and selecting a color for the month of August, which is traditionally Louisiana’s hottest month ever! “OASIS” won hands down as a great color to turn down the thermostat. Oasis is that perfect mix of soothing blue and rejuvenating green–very refreshing. So. . . . anyone who orders “Oasis” this month gets a 15% discount on Oasis ordered in any product.

While Jamie and Mey were on vacation recently, I worked in the office for the first time in a long time. I hadn’t realized how much I missed the personal contact I had with our customers when I was answering the phones, taking and placing paint orders, etc. Therefore, I have to tell you, I’m back to being much more “hands on” around here.

I’m pleased to announce that designer & color consultant Emily Lauderback (http://www.emilylauderback.com) is opening a shop in Seattle that will display and sell our paint in the Seattle area. Also in the space will be a fine furniture artisan and two of our favorite decorative painters! I’ll keep you posted as the renovation progresses and it nears completion.

Color consultant Lori Sawaya (http://www.colorstrategies.net) has also been busy this Summer developing a Compass Color Wheel, a tool you can take into a room, and by reading the compass, determine from what direction the room receives natural light; then by looking at the Compass Color Wheel, one can find suggested palettes for that room and specific natural lighting conditions.
We’ll keep you posted when it comes out!

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