A first hand report from a happy customer!

July 11, 2005

Mey, who usually answers our phones and over sees all orders and Jamie, who runs our warehouse, shipping out all samples are on vacation this week. However, I am personally holding down the fort along with Debbie Langston, who was a Godsend when our phones were ringing off the hook from the Architectural Digest article. So, here I am, reporting for work at the office and how wonderful to get Bill Fleites’ email reporting on his painting project. If you’ll recall, Bill is the customer who so generously created the flash movies and virtual room painter on our website. I just have to share:

Hi guys,
Just wanted to update you on the home painting front. Thanks for
arranging to have all the paint needed for the job at the ICI Dulux
paint store. All that went extremely smooth and we got just the right
amount of paint needed for all the rooms, I have some spare of all the
colors to touch up in the future. The clerks at the ICI Dulux store
were all curious about why I was getting my paint from St Francisville,
LA so I explained the entire EK FSP thing to them. The guy who mixed
the colors was amazed and remarked about all the pigments that were
being used to make the paint. The house has been a big mess for five
days now and the furniture and things are still piled up in the middle
of the rooms under sheets of plastic but I’ll give you my first
impressions of the results.

In general for all the colors all I have is one word – Fantastic !!!
Sage is the perfect color for my living area, it is just a beautiful
deep and substantial color, for me it is the perfect shade of green with
it’s brown/yellow undertones. I love how it changes as the day
progresses from morning to night with the sun. I still can’t believe
that it took me so long to realize that this was the color I needed in
this room, and it was really only after I put a splotch of it up on my
walls that I started to see it’s real beauty. The Gustavian Grey I used
in the Master Bedroom turned out great, this color is so appealing to me
because it’s very subdued and as you look at it at first it seems that
it is just grey, then you start to see light green and light blue
variations to it as the sun shimmers on the surface of the wall. I
liked this color so much that at one time I was even considering doing
the entire house just using it. I used Mushroom in my smaller guest
bedroom and it turned out great, this color is also very subdued but it
just exudes elegance. It may just be the perfect neutral color, a great
balance between too much and too little color. In my larger guest
bedroom I decided to use Terracotta Sand because I really liked the
paint splotch of it that I had put on my wall and in general went with
my home’s decor. However I was concerned that it would be a bit darker
than I would have liked when applied to an entire room, and boy was I
wrong ! Terracotta Sand is simply stunning, in my eyes it is as
elegant as Mushroom but packs a little bit more color punch. I could
very easily see using it in a large living room area. I was also a bit
concerned about painting everything including the ceiling (since I do
not have crown molding) the same color as recommended by Ellen. But
Ellen was right on the money with this advice, and it turned out
beautifully. I also noticed that because of the way the light strikes
the ceiling differently than the walls in the darker color rooms such as
the Sage and Terracotta Sand rooms, the ceiling actually appears to be
painted a shade lighter than the walls.

Naturally, now that I have these beautifully painted walls I couldn’t
just put the old light fixtures back in and so I have already updated
some fixtures and will be ordering two new Kichler House Beautiful
chandeliers on Monday. In addition I have a bunch of new artwork
paintings that I will be having framed in the coming weeks and I will be
finally getting some new furniture for my guest bedrooms. So even
though not everything will be in place I will take some pictures for you
all to see the change made just by the wall paint. Then once I have all
the new fixtures, paintings, and furniture in place I will take another
set of photos and do a before/after posting on the Garden Web and HGTV

Once again thanks for the beautiful paint, it’s doing wonders for my

Bill Fleites

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