Additions & Corrections to Post about ICI & Cleveland

July 5, 2005

In my last entry, I mentioned that ICI Paint’s answer to the oil base paints that are quickly being outlawed, is their Advanced Alkyd Product, and that they have made improvements to the paint to extend the drying time. Actually, it’s not the paint that’s had some changes, it’s a new additive that will be available soon in all ICI stores called “Latex X-tender”. While the Advanced Alkyd is not a latex, this extender seems to slow the tack-up of the paint better than anything commercially available.

I was also given a DVD on ICI’s fairly new exterior product called “Fortis”. This short video was a blind test where several painters from all over the country were flown to Florida to compare four different exterior paints (labeled A, B, C & D). I had been wondering how Fortis could have a lifetime warranty and after seeing this video, I know why! ICI’s Fortis product beat Sherwin Williams’ and Benjamin Moore’s top exterior products in all areas. While Fortis is considerably more expensive than other paints, when you consider what you save in labor in the long run, it’s a bargain—especially with our $7 off per gallon sale going on this summer.

One of the things that made my visit to Cleveland so enjoyable was the car service I used to travel to and from the airport and ICI’s new headquarters which are actually located in Strongsville. I telephoned several taxi companies, comparing prices, where they went, etc. and was delighted to find Cleveland Express, which is both a shuttle and a town car service (www.clevelandshuttleandlimo.com)to be not only less expensive than a taxi but far nicer (a Lincoln town car) and more professional (they emailed me my itinerary). Cleveland Express is a fairly new company that prides itself on customer service.

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