Sample Jars Available for New Colors!

June 21, 2005

We’ve been getting lots of requests for sample jars of our new colors “Tulip Leaves” and “Oasis” and I’m happy to report they are now available. Later this week, we’ll also have sample jars of “Parchment”, our new yellow-beige color. I’m looking for other colors to add to our palette and hope you’ll write in with suggestions. I’ve been told I could use more blues and yellows. I’m also thinking we could add a couple more reds as well. I’d love to get more feedback. By the way, the new “Oasis” color was originally a Benjamin Moore historical color called “Palladian Blue”. However, the Benjamin Moore formula for this color was one-third black and people still loved it. Can you imagine how wonderful it is without black? The hue is the same, but when applied to an entire wall, it’s fabulous!

Speaking of applying paint to an entire wall; I’m often asked how best to actually see the full spectrum effect. I always answer that sometimes I feel as if I’m selling “The Emperor’s New Clothes! “While some people can see a difference on the 3″x4” sample cards, others say they don’t see it until they paint a 4 foot square area on poster board and carry it around from room to room. And then, some people say it’s not until the entire room is painted, complete with two full coats, that the walls truly come alive. Everyone perceives color differently, just as everyone hears sound differently. The reason the big paint companies don’t use more than 2 or 3 pigments is because of what they call “metamerism” which describes what happens when colors like “Mushroom” and “Gustavian Grey” change from one hue to another. For them, it presents the problem that the color in the can might not necessarily match the color on the chip. However, this is what I find most interesting about full spectrum paint colors. Not only are they always interesting, but this chameleon-like quality also helps them work with most any other colors (i.e. furnishings) in the room. If you have a special color you’re longing for, please email me directly at ellen@ellenkennon.com. Thanks!

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To order samples: http://www.ellenkennon.com/ordersamples.htm

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