Talented Designers & Savvy Clients

June 6, 2005

Friday, Mey, Jamie & I went to New Orleans to visit some paint clients and set up our display at the ICI store on Earhart Blvd. The ICI stores don’t usually have a display for our paints, but The Times-Picayune newspaper featured us recently in their home section in an article about paint companies that sell small samples; listing the ICI store as a place where you can get them. We thought as long as we were going, we ought to meet New Orleans Interior Designer Pam Perret and her client, attorney Cheryl Dendy, in person. Pam has been using our paints ever since she read about them in Architectural Digest. Cheryl is in the midst of renovating a beautiful old home in New Orleans’ uptown neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised to see some color combinations that I hadn’t thought of. Cheryl’s kitchen had dark mahogany cabinets, so they used Celadon on the walls to brighten the space, which worked beautifully. It was very refreshing. The breakfast room was Old Brick w/Ashen Green trim which I’ve often used, but with a Lichen ceiling (something new for me). The large crown molding in Ashen Green was perfect between the Old Brick and Lichen. Cheryl’s favorite room was her bedroom, where they used Buttercream on the walls; and while I don’t usually recommend yellow for bedrooms (too cheerful?), this turned out very soothing. One of her bathrooms had classic black and white ceramic tiles with Lavender Mist walls which was stunning.

At lunch (Commander’s Palace in New Orleans), Pam brought me photos of some of her projects which included everything from hotels to a train (ala Orient Express). One of her residential kitchens was also recently featured in New Orleans Home & Garden Magazine. What a talent! Pam told me she used to be partners with the late Tom Collum, who I remember from both New Orleans and New York as being THE designer of the times, with clients like Gayfred and Saul Steinberg. When I mentioned we had just visited friends Dean Coe and Jon Vaccari at Jon’s showroom on Magazine Street, everyone immediately started talking about the showroom’s fabulous wall color. Dean says practically everyone who comes in wants to know what it is and from talking to Pam and Cheryl who both raved about it, I just have to copy it, making it full spectrum, of course! I’ve already thought up a name that fits it perfectly–“Oasis”. It’s alot like Gustavian Grey, but deeper. Jon spends a good deal of time shopping for antiques in France and their latest shipment had just arrived. What an eye he has. In a word. . . “Chic”! You, too, can see them at http://www.jonvaccaridesign.com

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