Tulip Leaves

June 2, 2005

Well, after speaking with both Lori and Monica, I found out that the description Monica gave Lori for the green she wanted was “Tulip Leaves”! And ya know, that’s exactly what the new green looks like–the leaves of my favorite flower! So. . . look for Tulip Leaves to be coming out soon. Bill Fleites, who created the Van Gogh movie for my home page is busy working on an updated version where you can view all of our paint colors on the walls of the room and just emailed me to find out where I wanted it placed in line. He’s like some angel that just dropped from the sky!

This Summer promises to be quite exciting! A while back, I was contacted by Luann Branson, Editor of Renovation Style Magazine, and interviewed for an article on color. It’s due out any day now. Renovation Style is a great magazine put out by Better Homes & Gardens and can be found in most grocery stores, Home Depot & book stores that sell magazines. It only comes out once a season.

Later this month, I’ll be flying up to Cleveland to the ICI Headquarters where I will get to meet Barbara Richardson, THE ICI Color Guru, and Dave Maurer, Vice President in charge of the Dulux brand! Actually, Barbara is not just the ICI color guru, I’d say she’s probably one of the country’s top colorists, if not THE top colorist. Our most popular products are Dulux. Dave tells me the Advanced Alkyd High Gloss looks like glass, so I’m testing a gallon in Turquoise on some furniture. Just imagine how great that would be! I’ve been using the Semi-Gloss Advanced Alkyd on millwork and cabinetry down here and clients love it. It looks like Chinese lacquer, so the high gloss sounds incredible. I’ll keep you posted!

Next month, I’ll be going to Orlando for the Southeastern Builder’s conference. I was invited by Deborah Burnett, an interior designer who’s often been on HGTV and travels around the country speaking to architects, designers, etc. She’s been showing samples of our paints alongside Sherwin Williams paint samples so people can actually see the difference full spectrum makes and has invited me to join her at the conference where she’s a guest speaker. Deborah can also tell you the scientific reasons why full spectrum paints are healing. I tried to take notes when she was telling me over the phone, but couldn’t keep up so I emailed her asking her to repeat it for me. As soon as I hear back, I’ll be sure to let you know. Deborah has a great website where you can purchase her book, Comfortable Living, which I highly recommend: http://www.deborahburnett.com Her website is a wealth of information and once you visit, you’ll find yourself continuously re-visiting to read more articles. You can tell from her photo she’s a dynamite speaker!

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