Tulip Leaves and feedback on primers

May 26, 2005

Well, we came up with a name for Lori Sawaya’s green! I must say, I think it fits, but once the color is out for viewing (so to speak), perhaps someone else will come up with a better name. We always try to make the name fit the color, so after tossing around several names in the office, we all agreed that so far, “Tulip Leaves” was the most fitting. It’s such a hard color to describe. Although our palette has so many greens, this one is like no other. It really does have the coolness from the Gustavian Grey (which changes back and forth from blue to seafoam) plus the warmth from the Peridot, but lighter. I can see why she mixed it for this particular client who lives in an older home with dark stained trim and floors. Jamie keeps warning me to quit adding colors to our palette so quickly as she can’t keep up. Right now, we’re having to reformulate the color because you just can’t fit 3 times the pigments into one can! (If you’ll recall, the paint was created by mixing two sample jars of Gustavian Grey and one sample jar of Peridot.) In any event, “Antique Green” will be available to see in painted samples and sample jars soon. However, we don’t know how many stock colors we can add that will fit into our new velvet pouches, which is why I’m thinking this blog idea will be perfect for those who are looking for new colors. We can always send you samples if you request them.

On another note, I was reading the Garden Web Home Decorating Forum thread where people were discussing when to use a primer before painting. On our website’s “Painting Tips” page, I say it’s a good idea to use the same brand primer as paint. I’m often asked about this when someone is preparing their paint order. The reason I have this as a painting tip is only because of one time where a customer used a Home Depot primer under our paints. Everything came out beautifully except there was one small area where the paint was not adhering as it should. It was an older home with plaster walls. We called in several paint experts who determined that it wasn’t some chemical reaction happening, but simply an area that had retained moisture from a leak! However, because there were a few days where I thought a chemical reaction might be a possibility, I opted for “better safe than sorry” and put it on my website.

I’m often asked whether you need to prime before painting and always consult David Freeman, Manager of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana ICI store who has over 25 years experience in the paint business. David says that nowadays many contractors don’t even prime new drywall! However, your paint will cover much better when you use a primer. We sell full spectrum tinted primers which help the coverage, but if you’re painting with anything in the red range or darker colors, you can get away with having your primer tinted gray.

We recently painted our new offices, putting Honeysuckle over Spring Green (no primer). We used the Velvet Sheen which is sold as a “one coat coverage” and while it looked fine with one coat, it wasn’t until we put the second coat on that the walls came alive. We used Gustavian Grey over Spring Green on the ceiling and it was the same. That second coat was like adding fairy dust!

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One thing that’s really important is to make sure what you are painting over is free of any sheen or gloss which will keep the paint from adhering properly. Always lightly sand any sheen and then wipe it down before priming. This goes for both walls and woodwork. If you are painting latex over oil, be certain to use the proper interface between the two so that the paint will adhere. Most importantly, always read the instructions on the can because as you’ll find it says, “surface prep” is everything!

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